Beam Attack Using Spellcasting Gestures

In many video games involving spellcasting, your character uses gestures for different spells.  I thought it would be neat to implement gesture based spellcasting with the HTC Vive controllers.  You can see my first implementation here.  I’ll put together another video shortly with the latest event driven implementation, which is much more generic so that it will work with many other ideas for gestures.

In order to cast this beam attack, I drew from Dragonball Z for inspiration.  If you put your controllers down by your waist as Goku does when casting his Kamehameha attack, then click, then move the controller out in front of you and click again, you will shoot out the beam.

Cops vs Orcs

Cops vs Orcs was a game that Robert Britt and I worked on starting in October 2015.  We completed development around May 2016 and released the game on the iOS and Android app stores shortly afterwards.

In CvO, you play a cop running and jumping endlessly from platform to platform shooting donuts at orcs.  We had several additional features in mind including powerups, additional cosmetics, etc., but we quickly determined that the ad supported model wasn’t going to work for us unless we were to gain huge numbers of subscribers in the first couple months.  All in all, developing this game was an incredible learning experience, and it was the first solo projects I had ever seen through to completion.